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America’s newest wave of COVID-19 cases, explained

Link now repaired. Sorry folks.

Article by Dylan Scott, published online at October 11, 2020.

Cases and hospitalizations are up broadly across the country. More deaths are certain to follow. Is this the so-called “second wave” that everyone has been worried about? What’s driving the recent burst in transmission? Here is a nice overview of the issues. I still disagree with the “second wave” language since, in my opinion, talk of waves is not appropriate until there is decisive evidence that the first U.S. “wave” has actually ended. Nevertheless, as usual VOX offers solid and comprehensive review and analysis.

Today’s bite-sized, handpicked selection of important news, information or science for all who want to know where this epidemic is going and what we should do.

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  1. Hi Thomas – I believe the link is wrong for the Vox article on Oct. 11 (link sends us to a Forbes article on testing)

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