Daily COVID-19 Briefing: 3/6/20

  1. Maryland announces first 3 lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19. All three had traveled overseas. Since early testing was done only on those who had traveled, the lack of community-acquired cases should not be regarded as plausible. As testing increases, it is highly likely that community-acquired disease will be identified.
  2. The Governor of Maryland declares a state of emergency. Today, a total of 41 patients have been tested; 12 tests are pending.
  3. Total global cases exceed 100,000, standing currently at 101,700. New cases reported in South Korea (309), Iran (1,234) and Italy (778) vastly exceed new cases in China (167), suggesting a dramatic shift toward secondary waves outside China. Dramatic one-day increases in cases seen in Switzerland (30%), Netherlands (26%), Sweden (23%), U.K. (22%), Spain (21%), France (21%), Iran (20%), and Germany (16%) [calculations my own based on data from Worldometer]. This provides further evidence that we are now in a pandemic.
  4. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General, tweets that it’s time for governments to pull out “all the stops” in preparing for the pandemic.
  5. 46 new cases reported in the U.S. First cases reported in Indiana and Pennsylvania (one in Wayne County, IN, traveled internationally; one in Delaware County, PA, traveled to an area of U.S. with circulation).
  6. CNN Business reports “panic buying” around the globe of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, cold medicine, face masks, etc. Retailers around the world are imposing purchasing limits. Many stores selling a month of these items each day. Shortages are seen in health care settings. Surge production is not keeping up. Price gouging seen in many locations.
  7. California is now the bellwether state for how things will go in other states with cases now in excess of 60. Santa Clara county now recommending postponing or canceling large social gatherings and maintaining social distance. Cases there grew from 14 to 20 on Thursday, with seven cases acquired in the community (not travel-related). (LA Times)
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