Daily COVID-19 Briefing: 3/4/20

  1. WHO announces case fatality rate (CFR) is now 3.8% (up from previous estimate of 2%. This is higher than flu and lower than MERS and SARS. Experts believe CFR varies widely and is not currently known with precision.
  2. Eleven cases are being tested in Maryland with results pending. Results will be known in 24–48 hours. A total of 21 tests done in our state. Eleven previous tests were negative. Still no confirmed cases in Maryland.
  3. Governor announces next steps in planning and coordination. His office submits emergency legislation to authorize use of rainy-day fund for coronavirus response.
  4. Maryland Public Health Laboratory now authorized to begin testing. Protocols for testing and kit availability remain unclear.
  5. India announces cessation of drug exports. This will cause significant supply chain problems for generic drugs. FDA urges organizations to plan for shortages.
  6. California declares state of emergency after first death.
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